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Dr . Kruti Parekh is a dynamic and multi-faceted personality who has made her mark as the World's Premier Female Mentalist, Youngest Artistic Illusionist, Visionary social Entrepreneur, and A highly sought Global Motivational Speaker & Mind Trainer. She also Happens to be one of India’s First Test-tube babies .

Her expertise has taken her to perform in over 35 countries, captivating & wowing audience that include royalty and influential world leaders such as the Emperor and Empress of Japan, Queen Silvia of Sweden, and Ex-Prime Minister of Australia John Howard and Wen Jiabao of China to name a few. With her exceptional talent and innovative approach, she has been honoured by an impressive list of awards and accolades for her exceptional talent and contributions to society. At the young age of 11, she was honoured with the FIE Foundation National Award for Social Work, presented by former home minister Shivraj Patil, and other esteemed figures such as Ratan Tata. At 14, she was awarded for her Environmental Awareness Shows by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with the Global 500 Roll of Honour, presented in Tokyo, Japan, the Young Achievers Award from the American Consulate, the National Youth Award from the Government of India, the "best speaker performer in the world”-Bronze at EventEx, Bulgaria and "Iconic Leader" at the World Forum, Hague. Dr. Kruti was also appointed as the Youngest Special Executive Officer for the Govt. of Maharashtra, selected as a jury member for the Children’s Nobel Prize by Queen Silvia of Sweden, and represented India at the World Youth Summit at the United Nations in Bangkok, showcasing her impact on a global scale.

Dr Kruti is a trailblazer in spreading her message of love and unity, receiving recognition from world leaders, including former American President Bill Clinton. With a passion for making a difference, she has tirelessly contributed to a range of humanitarian endeavors, including charitable activities, environmental initiatives, and efforts to eliminate blind faith. She is a true champion for the underdog, having taken on a remarkable project of her own: She had adopted Sharda Mandir, a school for 1000 underprivileged children in Mumbai. She devoted the proceeds from her performances to providing these children with quality education and career opportunities, thereby elevating their lives and futures.

Dr Kruti has made a mark in the professional magic scene since a young age, with numerous television appearances on networks such as Doordarshan , BBC, NHK, Star Plus, Zee Entertainment, Sony etc. She has also lent her expertise , performing for top management C-Suite Events at several Fortune 500 companies & global organizations , like the United Nations, Disney, Unilever, Reliance, Sony Entertainment, NDTV, Times Group , etc. In a recent remarkable feat, she has recently premiered on prime time US TV’s CW Channel on the prestigious show "Penn & Teller: Fool Us," making her the first Indian mentalist to showcase an original act on the program.

She also has an impressive academic background, having degree in IT Engineering, Sanskrit, and a PhD in magical entertainment and humanities from US. She is a foremost expert in the psychology of magic and has extensively studied various subjects such as Indian Shastras, Upanishads, yoga, and the Quran. With over a decade of research, she brings together her understanding of ancient traditions and contemporary mindset to train professionals from diverse fields, including doctors, engineers, and managers, to improve both their professional and personal lives through her corporate workshops & Motivational Sessions Titled “ Change the Way You Think “. Her knowledge and experience are further showcased in her book titled "Beyond the Threshold of Mind," which delves into the secrets of the mind . She excels in customizing events with her mind-reading skills and captivating illusion presentations, leaving audiences enthralled at corporate events, marketing conferences, sales events, weddings, and more. If you have a unique idea you want to curate , She has a unique engaging wow solution!

Dr Kruti Parekh ,is steadfast in her mission to mentor and cultivate the future of magic. With her Kruti Parekh Magic Academy, she imparts unparalleled training and guidance to both aspiring young magicians and seasoned professionals. As the sole magician with a dedicated academy at Kidzania India, with locations in Mumbai and Delhi, she affords children the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of magic and envision it as a viable career path.

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Beyond Threshold of Mind

Changing Minds World Wide

2nd Edition: Explore the power of the mind, break barriers, and achieve the impossible. This book, the result of 9 years of research, blends practical techniques, scientific principles, and wisdom from Shastras, Quantum physics, and global knowledge. It's widely appreciated by people from diverse backgrounds.

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